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  • Starting a Blog? Think XML!

    I recently found an old cd-r in a box that had a backup of my original blog that I started in 2004 at (now defunct). I thought it would be a great idea to use XML files for blog entries (🤦🏻‍♂️)! Of course this became a huge pain to manage. I eventually coded up my own rudimentary […]

  • Blog in a Box

    Blog in a Box

    Some of my pals at Automattic created Blog in a Box, which makes it super easy to set up a fully functional WordPress site on a Raspberry Pi. Check it out at!

  • Getty Images Embed Support on

    You can now embed photos from Getty Images in your posts on Since I am an iStock photographer (which is owned by Getty), you can embed any photo from my collection! Check it:

  • WordPress for iOS 2.8 is Out!

    We just hit the ‘Big Green Button’ on iTunes connect to release WordPress for iOS 2.8 to the masses! The biggies in this release are Stats and a really cool ‘Quick Photo’ feature. We’ve also worked with the WordPress translation community to localize the app in 10 languages. Check out more details on the WordPress […]

  • Mobile Meetup in Milan

    My team at Automattic got together last week for a meetup in Milan. We worked hard on WordPress for iOS (Version 2.8 adds Stats, internationalization and a cool Quick Photo post feature!). When we weren’t working we wandered around the city streets, deciding where to eat or grab a beer (or two). I found Milan […]

  • The Blogger’s Handbook

    Just litter your book cover with WordPress logos and show a chart of WordPress dominating the other platforms to sell, sell, sell! I’m off to Austin, TX for the mobile team meetup and SXSW! My airplane terminal is 27-C and my seat is 27C, a sign of a brilliant trip to come?

  • Androidified

    Cool app from google now in the market! You can share your creation right to WordPress!

  • No Tweet is Safe

    Now you can bring tweets in to your blog posts on! To celebrate, here’s a tweet from my favorites list:!/iammattthomas/status/19680150187 Oh Wal-Mart, I miss you. 😉 And a bonus one that I saw today: @NASA You say you have a "coolant leak"? I think I might be able to help… — LeVar Burton […]

  • Heading Home

    Had an awesome week in San Francisco meeting and working with folks from Automattic. Great team of people! Looking forward to getting home and being with Sarah and Hazel again. Wrote this post while on the BART:

  • Twenty Ten WordPress Theme is Here!

    Twenty Ten is here, and it’s awesome. Tons of great work went in to creating the new default WordPress theme. I love the clean lines and easy readability of the new design. I made a few tweaks (added a drop shadow to the wrapper, and changed the ‘visited’ link color). It has a ton of […]