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  • Achievement Unlocked: 4 Years at Automattic

    Achievement Unlocked: 4 Years at Automattic

    It flew by without me even noticing, but in February I passed my fourth year working for Automattic. It is now the longest I’ve worked for any company and I hope to continue working there for many more years to come. It has been an amazing experience so far, and here’s some of the reasons […]

  • Greece Mobile Team Meetup Photos

    The mobile team had our second meetup of the year in Anavyssos, Greece last week. It was one of my favorite team meetups so far. We rented a villa that had a ton of rooms as well as a bunch of fun stuff to do including a giant pool and bikes to ride around on. […]

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  • Budapest Photos

    I had an amazing week with Automattic in Budapest, Hungary. Lots of working, eating, outings and laughing! My favorite event was a visit to SzĂ©chenyi Medicinal Bath, where we bobbed in the natural hot springs for an afternoon. I left there relaxed and rejuvenated. Here’s some photos! (mental note: make sure your camera is not […]

  • After 10 hours of work…

    Get some beer and keep going!

  • WordPress for iOS 2.8 is Out!

    We just hit the ‘Big Green Button’ on iTunes connect to release WordPress for iOS 2.8 to the masses! The biggies in this release are Stats and a really cool ‘Quick Photo’ feature. We’ve also worked with the WordPress translation community to localize the app in 10 languages. Check out more details on the WordPress […]

  • Mobile Meetup in Milan

    My team at Automattic got together last week for a meetup in Milan. We worked hard on WordPress for iOS (Version 2.8 adds Stats, internationalization and a cool Quick Photo post feature!). When we weren’t working we wandered around the city streets, deciding where to eat or grab a beer (or two). I found Milan […]

  • Tuesday Mornings With Dad

    Tuesdays are a fun (yet busy) day for me. Sarah has a church staff meeting in the morning so Hazel and I typically head out for an outing around Glasgow. Today we hit Starbucks for a bag of Christmas blend, then the post office to pick up a parcel. It’s really great to spend some […]

  • 2010 Automattic Meetup

    I spent the past week in Seaside, Florida with the folks from Automattic. It was a great time! A lot of work, some play, and good eats with a great team of people. The mobile team cranked away on an iPad subscription reader which is looking really good. Throughout the week, Automatticians gave 5-20 minute […]

  • Sweaty in Seaside

    I’m out in Florida this week with my pals at Automattic. It’s the town where ‘The Truman Show’ was filmed, one of my favorite movies. I’m hoping to find some of the spots where they filmed to get some pictures! So far so good, but it is hot and humid here. Posted from WordPress for […]