Dial-Up Sucks

Had a humorous finish to an email thread with my Grandpa today:


Dan, how do I go about installing Abobe PDF install for Windows 7? I tried Googleling but no direct link. Love G’dad


Hi Grandpa,
Click the Download Adobe Reader button here: http://www.adobe.com/products/reader/


Thank you Dan, will let you know if all is well in 11hrs 30min.

What a patient guy 🙂 He’s getting DSL on Tuesday, which I’m pretty sure will blow him off his chair with the speed difference!

Family Time Warp

I came across this photo of my Mom and Dad (and siblings!) from 1974 1976, which is when my Dad was close in age to me right now. They already had 3 kids at that point!

Here’s Hazel and I a few months ago for the ultimate Dad vs. Son comparison:

Also, two weeks left until we leave for Scotland! This is getting real!

Star Gazers

While up at family camp last week, I stayed up late with my pal Kurt to take a crack at some star trail photography. We got a fairly decent result at ISO 100 with a one hour exposure:

Some lessons we learned were to include more sky next time, and to point towards polaris to get a better curvy effect in the image. Not a bad start though. The photo credit goes to Kurt for the shot, as he’s the one who clicked the shutter button!