A Big, Detailed LOST Theory

This is an intersting read if you’re a LOST fan like me and practically everyone else I know. I’m hoping that it is a crazy-awesome scientific reason behind everything that is happening on the island. It’s a good theory, but only the future episodes will reveal the big mystery…

On the subject of LOST, it has been the first show that has had me appreciating the higher resolution of HDTV.  Not only is the jungle more detailed, but you can see more on the sides because of the widescreen format than you would on a 4:3 screen.  Cool stuff. 😛

230k Miles, Not Dollars

My, how the miles stack up.

Please forgive the poor image quality, I took the shot with my cell phone.  Having my 1988 integra pass 230,000 miles this week gives me mixed emotions.  On one side, I’m happy that the car I bought when I was 16 years old has lasted as long as it has.  Keeping in mind that the seat is tearing and the foam padding falling out, the air conditioner almost literally fell off of the car, the CD player doesn’t work at all besides the FM radio, and it burns off a quart of oil every two weeks.  But the car just keeps on going!  On the other side I’ve been thinking lately that it would be nice to have a car that has some of the amazing new technologies like cup holders, airbags, and a roof that doesn’t leak so the car won’t smell like the outside when you get on the inside. 😉

Since I aint got the cash for a new ride right now, I’ll have to stick with ‘The Blue Rocket’ while I can.  She’s a sturdy steed who gets me from A to B (mainly to work and back, 30 miles a day).  I guess if it works, it works eh?

Mr. Roboto, Beer Edition

*BEER*Some smarty-pants has invented a robot that pours and serves your beer to you.  From Robots-Dreams.com:

Asahi Breweries just announced a special promotion for their low-malt beer (see link below). They’ve designed a robot beer refrigerator and will be giving away a total of 5,000 of the robots, fully stocked with beer, to applicants selected by a lottery drawing.

Applicants have to collect 36 seals from special Asahi beer cans. We’re assuming that applicants will drink the beer, but we have run across fans that would buy the beer just to get the seals and through away the beer. What a waste. The contest period runs from February 20th through May 22nd.

Push the robots start button and it opens the can, tilts the glass, and pours the beer with a perfect head every time. The refrigerator section of the robot can cool six 350 ml cans and two beer mugs.

Asahi is only running this promotion in Japan, so don’t run out to buy lots of Asahi beer hoping you’ll win the beer robot. But, if you happen to live in Japan – you and your Robosapien should go for it!

Now if I could get one of those with Mac & Jacks in it, I’d die happy.  Or chocolate milk would be good too!

Joke Time!

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing. He concludes by saying: “Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed.”

“OH NO!” the President exclaims. “That’s terrible!”

His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the President sits, head in hands.

Finally, the President looks up and asks, “How many is a brazillion?

Calling all Trekkies!

There’s this very dedicated Star Trek fan group who are creating new episodes of Star Trek that are based on the original series.  They call it Star Trek New Voyages, and it looks like they have done a great job of getting actors that look similar to the original cast.  Recently they have announced that George Tekai (Mr. Sulu) will be joining them for an episode!  Pretty cool stuff, it’s amazing how much free time some people have… I’ve been spending my time lately setting up two websites.