Be Like Jack

Lately I’ve been catching up with some episodes of 24 (just polished off season 4, on to season 5 now) and I’ve decided that I need to be more like Jack Bauer. Why? Because he’s rad! Check out his awesomeness:

I think there’s two main steps I need to achieve in order to get my look going:

Step #1 (complete): Get some cool aviator sunglasses:

Step #2 (in progress): Get me one of those hot widows peak haircuts. Problem being that I haven’t started losing my hair yet. My older brother said that he started losing his hair at 27 years, which age I am reaching in August of this year.

So there will maybe be a few ‘golden years’ where I’ve lost just enough hair to look (hopefully) half as cool as Jack does. I also will need to work on my scratchy voice, kicking, torturing and pistol clip switching skills as well. This may take a while…

MAME on iPod Video/Nano


Some smart folks have come up with a great idea! They’ve hacked the iPod to run MAME. A group of people have been working on getting linux to run on our devices for a while, and iPodMAME has been released as a result of that. If they get 1942 to work, I’ll be ecstatic! (geek snort)

p.s. The picture is sideways because that’s how it is on the iPod, you actually play holding the iPod more like a game controller!

Imogen Heap

On the way home from my pal Kurt’s house last night, Sarah and I tuned into The Chill Side of The Mountain. This crazy sounding song came on that I thought was really creative. When we got home I googled the song, and found out that it is by Imogen Heap and the song is called “Hide and Seek”. You’ve gotta check it out if you haven’t heard it before. I can’t quite place the genre – electronica, folk, pop?

*Update* – Turns out Imogen Heap and Frou Frou are the same singer. Small world!

Under the Dog House

I’m not a big fan of doing house work. Especially on the weekends, when I’d rather be doing other things with my time. But for some reason Sarah and I were motivated to go outside and work on the house for a bit on Saturday. Sarah’s job: Try and salvage anything from our “Flower Bed” and weed the rest. My job: Tear down this home built dog house that was way too elaborate for what it actually was. This thing was integrated into the fence with huge bolts and gigantor rusty nails. The former owner of the house really went overboard! After lots of beating, pulling, and grunting I got it pretty much all pulled apart with pieces of wood all over the place. The last part of the structure remained, the floor. So with Sarah there watching I heaved up the huge piece of wood and flipped it over on it’s back. I started to examine what was enderneath: 4 tennis balls, a plastic dog bone, fuzz, and… what looked to be a turtle shell!

“CLOSE YOUR EYES!”, I yelled to Sarah. (She isn’t a huge fan of seeing dead things, so she always tells me to warn her if I see something nasty) None Some of you faithful readers may remember my previous posting when I almost killed a turtle with my lawn mower last fall. Well it turns out that my neighbors had lost another one too! But unfortunately this time it looked hopeless. The turtle looked very much dead. It was in a hole covered in dirt and mud and wasn’t moving. I looked up and Sarah was still covering her eyes. “We may have a dead turtle here”, I said reluctantly to her. She opened her eyes and saw the grim looking shell. I reached down to pick it up and when my fingers made contact with the shell – his leg moved! We both yelped with joy! That guy had been living down there for over 4 months! We took him inside, and gave him a quick shower in the sink to get the mud off of him and returned him to his family next door.

After all of that excitement… the piles of wood and nails remained of the former dog house. Any ideas on how to get rid of something like that? I was thinking craigslist, it seems that lots of people unload their junk on there. I suppose a dump run may be in our future…