To WordPress!

Over the last week I have been working on getting all of my old data over to WordPress, a very handy dandy blogging tool that has many awesome features. I don’t really feel like coding my own stuff for the blog anymore due to lack of time, and also I feel that I’ve got a good handle on PHP/MySQL which was one of my original purposes for starting the blog back in 2004. It was kind of a pain to get all of the entries from my old hand coded database tables to the WordPress tables, but I used my elite SQL skills to make it happen. I actually designed my system a lot like how WordPress does things, which encouraged me that I did some things correctly at least 🙂 Right now I am using a theme called ‘K2’ which I am going to mod more to my liking. It’s not a blog unless it’s personal! Commenting should work, and I need to add links to my gallery and what not.

Hello from Scotland!

Well we made it safely here! The flight was a long 12.5 hours. The funny part is that the plane actually flew over Scotland to Amsterdam, and then we caught another flight back to Glasgow. The airplane we flew in to Glasgow was called a ‘Fokker 100’, which is funny for those that have seen ‘Meet the Parents’. So we stayed up for 27 hours which hurt – a lot. But because we did that we are fairly well adjusted to the time change over here. So far we have seen the downtown area where there is lots of shopping. The buildings here are all old and really magnificent. So far I haven’t had too hard a time understanding the locals, contrary to what I head from people back home. Still looking for something that says ‘Roundhill’ on it, I think we’ll find something cause lots of things end in ‘hill’ here. If there’s a ‘Scotsmanhill’ and ‘Jordanhill’ there has to be a ‘Roundhill’. Cheers!

Christmas in Scotland

Sarah and I are flying to Scotland today! We’re flying from Seattle to Amsterdam and after that on to Glasgow. Gonna be a 12 hour flight all together. :O It’s going to be a wonderful time and we’ve been looking forward to it for months! I made sure that my digital camera’s memory card is wiped clean so get ready for lots of pictures! Merry Christmas to all!

FocusRight – For 3D Illusions

Back in my glory days at SPU, my senior software engineering project was a great experience for me. I was on
a four person team of fellow students in my Computer Science major. We basically had one quarter to make a full version software product.
We decided to make FocusRight, a program for making Single Image Random Dot Sterograms. Most people would better know them
as ‘Magic Eye’ illusions. I thought I’d share it out so that people
could download it and try it for themselves. It runs on windows. Enjoy!

To Do List for this Weekend

This is going to be the busiest weekend ever!

1.) Attend my Dad in law’s wedding rehearsal. I’m an usher (no, not THE Usher) in the wedding.
2.) Pick up the family van at my brother Kevin’s house in Lake Stevens Friday night.
3.) Go to the wedding Saturday morning, and immediately after the ceremony drive my brother and his family to Vancouver, BC to catch their flight to Scotland.
4.) Come back from Canada the same day (Saturday) and return the van to my brother.
5.) Saturday night, pack up our stuff to get ready for the move.
6.) Sunday is moving day! Moving from our apartment in Issaquah to our new (to us) house in Puyallup.
7.) Collapse. (mr)

SNES Music

Man, this guy has achieved ultimate geekness. I thought I was a geek until I read this page. This guy figured out how to connect to the SNES music processor. That’s so nerdy cool to me. Maybe just the fact that I think that is cool makes me a geek enough.

In other news: tonight I am going to the AMD tech tour to see all that the Athlon 64 has to offer. Should be fun, could be dumb.