Family Time Warp

I came across this photo of my Mom and Dad (and siblings!) from 1974 1976, which is when my Dad was close in age to me right now. They already had 3 kids at that point!

Here’s Hazel and I a few months ago for the ultimate Dad vs. Son comparison:

Also, two weeks left until we leave for Scotland! This is getting real!

Great Weekend!


Had a great time this weekend with family up at Snoqualmie pass. Had some fun walks to the lakes, and played a ton of Bohnanza and Ticket to Ride. We came home and saw the Seahawks roll over the Rams in HD!

Shot above is of Gold Creek pond.

Paper Route – Last Time

I’m super bummed that I missed Paper Route when there were in Seattle a few months ago. I think I was in Scotland, however, which makes it ok. I’m really into their tune “Last Time”. Even though this video has awful audio, you can still get a feel for how good they are.

In other news, it’s HOT! 102 degrees in Newcastle today. I had a nice daddy-daughter date with Hazel at Starbucks while Sarah was working a Jean party.

New Car!

We got a new car today! Well, it was new to us at least. It was my first experience buying from a dealer, and it went really well. It helped me a ton to have some printouts of similar cars I found online that were at the price I wanted. The current economy was on my side as well to get a good price. We got a 2008 Rav4 2WD. The Jetta aka Phoenix was traded in. it served us well but the back seat was too small for Hazel’s car seat.

Sleep study

I am glad that Sarah is stuck to me through the vows of marriage, because she may have to look at this every night for the rest of her life!

Surprised with Steak

According to Facebook, today was my 29th birthday! Sarah had been telling me for a few weeks that she had a surprise for me tonight, but I couldn’t at all think of what it could be. It turns out that way back when we were newlyweds, I asked “When I turn 30, can you take me to the Met?”. She remembered that over the years and decided to surprise me for my 29th instead! Here’s me a split second after I found out that we were going there for dinner:

Steak Kick!

Steak Kick!

The environment there is very cool, it’s not super dark like a steakhouse and the staff is uber friendly. We had an awesome meal of crabcakes, salad and one of tastiest steaks I have ever had (I went for the New York Strip)! Here we are at the table:

Our table at the Met

Our table at the Met

After the dinner, off to Alki to catch the sunset! Amazing birthday!!!

Our First Baby Purchase

In order to be in the Roundhill family, you’ve gotta sport some Converse All-Stars!
New Shoes for Baby!
They’re pink and gray. If we find out that we’re actually having a boy in two weeks, I guess we’ll take them back and get some manly colors instead. As of now – we default to girl 😀

Be Fruitful and Multiply

News! Sarah is pregnant with our first child and is due on December 30th! We are so excited to start our family. This child is a miracle to us as Sarah just had her ovarian cyst removed last December.

We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago, and the technician surprised us at the session when he asked “Would you like to know the gender?”. We didn’t think that we would be able to know the gender for another few months, but he was 80% confident that it is a girl! We will know for sure in August at our next ultrasound appointment.
The Baby!

And here’s Mom with the new ‘baby bump’ at 14 weeks, she will be 15 weeks on Monday!:
Sarah the Mom

And the happy couple:

Happy 4th of July!