WordPress for Android 1.0 Released

It’s been a busy few months for me. wpToGo has grown up and become the official WordPress client for Android! I added a lot of new features to it including creating and managing pages, replying to comments and a lot more! I’m also very excited to open up the app to the developer community to make the app super awesome! Video upload? Stats viewing? UI Sexiness? All should be coming 😛

Check out the official site for more info. If you’re interested in getting involved with developing the app please visit the developer blog where I’ll be hanging out.

Great Weekend!


Had a great time this weekend with family up at Snoqualmie pass. Had some fun walks to the lakes, and played a ton of Bohnanza and Ticket to Ride. We came home and saw the Seahawks roll over the Rams in HD!

Shot above is of Gold Creek pond.

Off to Scotland

We’re hanging out at the airport now waiting for our flight to board. So far, so good with Hazel. More importantly, Sarah is relaxed and ready to go! We have so much stuff packed – four suitcases, backpack (I have to bring my laptop!), camera bag, stroller, diaper bag and car seat. Phew!

Here’s Hazel getting geared up for her first flight: